What Can I Do For You?


Let me help you get the care you deserve.

As a board-certified patient advocate and health & wellness coach I can assist you on your journey through a new diagnosis, dealing with multiple diagnoses or chronic illness and finding peace of mind.

What is a Professional Patient Advocate?

A patient advocate is someone who assists patients and families with navigating the healthcare system, enhancing continuity of care, acting as a liaison between patient and physician, facilitators of access to health services and coordination.

Nothing compares to knowing someone is in your corner working for you or your family member. 

I am available to assist on short-term issues for acute conditions or develop longer-term relationship when experiencing chronic conditions.
As a health & wellness coach I will be with you every step of the way to assist with increased quality of life and self-management of your health journey.

As a Professional Patient Advocate I can:

  • Assist with navigating the healthcare system

  • Facilitate access to health services/resources

  • Act as liaison with your physicians ensuring continuity of care

  • Coordinate care so all providers involved have all the medical information

  • Assist with finding appropriate providers to address your specific needs

  • Empower patients to make informed decisions and actively participate in their care

  • Assist and monitor patients during hospital stays to ensure needs are met

  • Arrange and attend medical appointments

  • Assist with transitions including hospital admissions, discharge, transfer to another facility, skilled nursing or home

  • Ensure your voice is heard

As a Health & Wellness Coach I can:

  • Offer emotional support and coping skills

  • Provide self-management support

  • Help you understand your diagnosis and learn more about your condition

  • Improve health literacy through education

  • Provide nutrition education for your specific needs (heart healthy, diabetes, celiac, anti-inflammatory)

  • Offer consistent follow-up and address needs or obstacles to following doctor recommendations/orders

  • Take time to understand your health goals and priorities and assist with communicating your needs to your providers

  • Monitor progress and advocate for appropriate care

  • Wellness coaching for healthy lifestyle changes and prevention

What I Don’t Do

  • I do not give medical advice, diagnose or give second opinions.

  • I do not bill your insurance.

  • I do not transport clients in my personal vehicle.

  • I do not provide hands-on treatments.

I am committed to working with you or your family member in addressing your top priorities, helping you understand all of information given to you regarding diagnosis, treatment options and what questions to ask so you can make the best-informed decisions regarding your or your family member’s care.